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  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
Description of CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~

CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ is a supernatural mystery visual novel which is fully voiced in Japanese.
The game has a similar setting with its prequel, CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~, but you don't have to play it first to understand the story.
The heroines from both games visit the same cafe, but, aside from that, the stories are different.
*You can play the prologue for free, but to continue playing you will need to purchase the full version using the title screen's buy button.
* The purchased story will automatically begin after you finished the prologue, without any additional download.
* You don't need to always be online to play this game.


The Present
The story starts in a village with an atmosphere akin to Europe in the 19th century.
There is a big noble villa there where Corliss Green is working.

One day she wakes up and finds herself in front of a weird café.
Noir, the waiter, tells her that she has already died, but failed to go to the heaven and, as a lost spirit, she ended up at the entrance to Café 0.

He later gave Corliss a chance to return to a week before she died.

But does she really need to go to the heaven?
And what is the truth behind her untimely death?

The Past
Sophie Evans works as a midwife.
She is a cheerful woman and everybody likes her.

What is her relation to the missing incident 15 years ago?


Corliss - Ayano
Nathan - Mayuki Sawae
Ethan - Tarou Yamada
Barclay - Nyoibou
Noir - Shinya
Sophie - Aonoi
Ed - Kyou Tsukikage
Eva/Emma - Remi Tamaki
MOB - Aonoi, Ayano, Kon, Kouto Saionji, Shiwasun, Komugi Tachibana, Hiko Morikawa, Nyoibou


-Fully voiced in Japanese.
-Multiple endings. 4 character endings, 3 true endings (1 of them is a bad ending) and another common bad ending.
-11 original orchestral tracks from Seycara Orchestra
-Original Theme song "Replay?"
-Original OP Movie
-2 main story in present and past arc that will connect at the end.
-Estimated total play time: 10 hours.


Simply choose the choice with the same colored hearts on day 2 and 3 to get into the character's specific route. True route will be available later after all character's routes finished.




- Like mystery novel or story.
- Love story with European settings.
- Like story with loop.
- Like story with unpredictable twist.
- Like anime or mystery themed shoujo manga.
- Like visual novel which is fully voiced in Japanese, and have less narration.
- Like tragedy story.
- Like unusual story, or with the go to the past theme.
- Enjoy horror, suspense or thriller story.
- Like game with multiple routes, which the truth will be later revealed by the true route.
- Interested in otome game. This game is not an otome game, but has otome style drawing, and shoujo manga atmosphere, which might also entertain otome gamers.


OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.roseverte.net/cafe0/beast/en/
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/roseverte.games
TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/rosevertegames


The game is using font IPA ex Mincho with the license as below:

Version history CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
New in air.net.roseverte.cafe0beast.en 1.1.0
-32 bit update: Fixed the bug which additional data can't be downloaded in several devices, and the bug which prevents player to change the MC's name.
-64 bit update: Fixed the bug where patch only update can't be extracted correctly.
New in air.net.roseverte.cafe0beast.en 1.0.2
-Fixed a bug which caused auto refund whenever user relaunched the app.
New in air.net.roseverte.cafe0beast.en 1.0.1
Fixed a glitch when changing languages.
New in air.net.roseverte.cafe0beast.en 1.0.9
-Fixed a scene within true route day 5 which turns the screen all black for a few minutes (text is still displayed).
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